Why authors need to push for their books?

In the decades of 90s and 80s, it was a great privilege to have a book published and authors were given due credit for their works. Moreover, they were seen with respect to abundance and were received widely by people in their society. With time, things changed and writing did not remain the prerogative of select few. People started exploring this field and now it has just become so easy getting a book published because publishers have begun charging for their services. So, what now? What should the authors do to stand apart in this competition? What should they do to make their books appear deserving and attract more readers? Here are some tips: 

Create a promotion strategy:

Book promotion strategy is a very important part which should be taken care just after the book has been selected for publication. If authors make their lazy moves here, things will go out of hands and there will be no use promoting without a strategy. You can also pass the buck to some reputed promotion agency which works for books and authors only. Such as BookBoys PR.


Socialising does not mean only creating profiles on different social media platforms and just wait for a tweet or a Facebook post which has been put on boost. No! You need to take the charge and start visiting the events which are literary in nature. You should try to the get-together at the places where readers come to meet. You should increase your circumference of association.

Look for bloggers and book reviewers:

This is also an important part of the strategy. You should look for some of the influential bloggers who command respect among the like-minded. You should also look for the book critics who are contemporary and active. They will help your book getting the right kind of exposure. Here also, you can rely on some really good book promotion agency. They will find the best book bloggers in India for your book and you can just sit back and see things happening.

Offer free copies:

On social media, you can start offering your book’s copies to select readers as some giveaways. It will help your book getting highlight because most of the readers believe in sharing what they read. If your book gets the buzz, you are done! You will get quality readers sitting home.

Just work on these few pieces of advice and I hope you will work out your promotion job.


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