Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral – Book Review



As a crime thriller novel, the recently published fiction by Ravi Dabral, Greed Lust Addiction, keeps the readers busy with hints at possible revenge and shadows of violence and bloodshed. Its continuity as a duel between righteous and the corrupts keeps the narrative going smoothly until the end and eventually settles at a high note that truth wins and falsehood has to accept defeat. Suraj strikes as the central character and so does a character named Guru Ji who induces the actions toward a right goal by Suraj. The novel has sharp twists and exciting turns and it synchronises with the thoughts of modern readers to a great extent.

The novel also exhibits many spiritual tendencies. In patches and in chapters, the novel deals with various shades of Indian spiritual heritage and treasure of precious knowledge. You can easily judge this aspect of the novel by taking a casual look at the titles of chapters. This will give away an easy hint.

The story is concerned with Suraj, a journalist who majorly does investigative stories. He works for a tv channel and is about to conclude his investigation of various politicians and officials who are dipped in corruption. However, before he could do so, he is killed by the same persons involved in the sting operation that he does. With Suraj’s death, the investigation closes or at least the culprits think so. Suraj’s younger brother, Vijay, who is a police officer, begins a dig for Suraj’s lifestyle and personality. He comes to know many things about his elder brother by reading his diary and ends up reaching to Ashram in Uttarakhand where he meets Guru Ji and also his brother – alive and kicking. What happens next? The duo of brothers team up with a few faithful friends and they plan to expose the corrupts and bring them to justice.

Critical and technical aspects of the novel Greed Lust Addiction have been highlighted by many top Indian book critics and many of the best book review websites in India. They have indeed been true in saying that the language used by Ravi Dabral in his debut novel has been simplified and communicating and it does attract many readers who are not very comfortable with reading high-end novels with a topping of elitism in language. This has gone in favour of Ravi and he has a successful debut to be proud of. The plot has been so far so good as long as readers keep liking the novel. Indeed, he will have to do better than this next time in terms of plot to make his novels more intriguing.

This novel is for the readers who like slow build-up of events and a conscious approach toward the exposition rather than going with a bang. You can read this novel by getting a copy from Amazon in Kindle or Paperback version. You can read a critical review and get the links to buy here:

Greed Lust Addiction – Book Review

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